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Who should attend?
Any person or organization with a passion to succeed in personal and professional lives. 

The basic principle that drives the Tathastu learning experience is that individual growth is key to collective growth because the external reality only mirrors one's inner reality.  Inner reality refers to the various thoughts, emotions, conditioning and belief systems that we hold on to within ourselves, most often unconsciously.  The sessions focus on a shift from knowledge to wisdom, which involves experiencing the teachings.  There are various processes that the participant is put through to experience the inner world, and through it, unravel the principles of the universe.  Through this realization, the participant is inspired to embark on a journey that leads to personal growth.  This reflects in the growth of the organization powerfully. 

The tangible benefits through the 3 levels of Tathastu learning experience are greater employee motivation and contribution through more effective team work, and more importantly conquering fear and other limiting forces leading to realization of full potential of the staff and the organization.  Repeated sessions can help the individuals to awaken to their full potential in terms of the power within, bring clarity in decision-making by going beyond conflicts and achieve increased focus / awareness leading to amazing productivity gains for the organization.