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The Tathastu Learning Experience


Happy employees create happy and successful organization.  Tathastu offers 3 levels of learning experience called Look Within, Start Living and Discover Yourself, which contributes to organizational growth through individual growth.  Each level comprises a 1-day session. 

Look Within
Success means different things to different people.  In Look Within, we make a paradigm shift to look at success from a totally different perspective.   The external world is a reflection of our inner world.  The universe always says, “tathastu” or “so be it” to reflect the stand that we take in our inner world.  But are we aware of our inner world?  The potential to succeed in our personal and professional lives can be unleashed if only we know how to connect to the immense power within each one of us.  The shift in perception involves connecting to one's higher consciousness by breaking the vicious hold of the unconscious mind leading to all round success. 

Start Living
In Start Living, we go deeper within to learn the games that the mind plays.  It enables us to discover that the mind is constantly dwelling on past regrets and future worries preventing us from enjoying the present moment.  The processes and tools in this session help in conflict management and effective decision making.  The repetitive patterns of failures in our life can be traced to blocks within ourselves.  These blocks can be seen in our relationships particularly with our parents, spouse and children because relationships tend to magnify our experience of life.  Start Living awakens us to the power of forgiveness enabling us to live in the present, which leads to immense personal growth.  The individual growth in turn facilitates the collective growth of an organization or society. 

Discover Yourself
Discover Yourself is a powerful process that awakens us to our true nature.  It sets us on a path of freedom from the clutches of mind.  It enables us to see how the thoughts, mind and body are functioning automatically leading us to discover the perfect action at all moments.  The process takes us on a journey of discovering greater calmness within leading to increased concentration or awareness.  This leads to happiness and fulfillment in the inner world.  In the external world, it reflects as powerful leadership qualities, huge productivity gains and effective management.