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Management Profile


Dr. Sambhu V. Panikkar:

Dr. Sambhu V. Panikkar is a former faculty at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay.  He was a topper at IIT Bombay winning the medal for being the most outstanding student in his batch.  He has a PhD from IIT Bombay and has worked for several IT companies in India (Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore and Cochin) over the past 16 years.  His job has taken him to various countries across Europe, USA, Japan, and Middle East.  Until recently, he was heading a strategic business unit at one of the leading IT companies.  Dr. Panikkar has launched “Tathastu” – a vehicle for happy, successful and fulfilled living inspired by his own life-transforming experiences.  He devotes his time to follow his passion as a freelance trainer / motivational speaker.   Dr. Panikkar believes that the purpose of living is realization of oneness with all that is.  He is involved with social activities including counseling, healing hurt, setting right relationships and mentoring.