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Several thousands of people from various walks of life have benefited from the Tathastu learning experience. This includes various private organizations (Delphi, Schunk, Allied GIS, NeST, Elite Group), Project Management Institute, several educational institutions, Rotary Clubs, Police Department and Institute of Management in Government (IMG). 

 "Greetings from Alaska. Dr. Panikkar, I wish to offer my most heartfelt thanks for our last session on 02/29/2012. I feel different, lighter somehow. I probably can't fathom yet the amount of negative Karma that was removed. Things that would have irritated me before now just don't seem to matter. I am truly beginning to understand that these things are what they are, my anger, fear etc... manifesting themselves. When unpleasant situations arise I tell myself that "It is what it is". So far this is working well. I wish to thank you and the Divine for this blessing".

- Mark Morrison, Alaska, USA

"My experiences with Dr. Sambhu Panikkar's sessions have been of great help - both personally and professionally. The sessions have allowed me to 'let go' of feelings of disappointment and distress from not winning certain government or private contracts. These feelings have been replaced with 'go with the flow.' My work and personal life are more relaxed now, thus allowing me to accomplish more in less time." - Gail Morrison, President of Allied GIS, Inc., Anchorage, Alaska, USA

“A date with Dr.Panikkar was a breakthrough.  Team members of SCHUNK India experienced a deep impact of inner realization and power and understood the simple ways to sustained success. Today, the team is much motivated and ready for challenges and I prescribe that a ready team is a winner team. Thanks to Dr.Panikkar of "Tathastu" and we hope the knowledge flows in to wider spectrum of society which would ensure a civilization that relishes every moment called living".
Mr. Satish Sadasivan, Managing Director, SCHUNK Intec Private Limited, Bangalore

Dr. Sambhu Panikkar’s session “transcended boundaries of a lecture.  It was an experience.  An indestructible bond of affection, appreciation, acceptance and adoration was created between Dr. Panikkar and the listeners”
 – Mr. Govindankutty K.D., Regional Director, Institute of Management in Government

“It was really a refreshing experience to look inward to see the universe and its myriad intricacies.  It helped to learn that such a world existed that could give solutions even to mundane issues.  It is commendable that Dr. Panikkar is able to commune with his soul”
 – Mr. Anoop Dhanwanthari, Global Associate Secretary, World Malayalee Council.

"Dr. Sambhu Panikkar's session with the police officers of Alleppey district was amazing. I feel that all police officers at the cutting edge level require such sessions in order to make them effective in their daily interactions with the citizens. Such sessions will definitely help them in enhancing their understanding of their role in the society and family. It will also help them overcome the stress induced by police work".
- Chakilam Nagaraju IPS, Superintendent of Police, Trivandrum, Kerala